Who can apply for a Contact Officer Apprenticeship?
You can apply for a Contact Officer Apprenticeship if you:
  • Are age 18+ (There is no maximum age limit)or;
  • Have the required skills and experience as detailed in the role profile
What qualifications do I need to apply for the apprenticeship?
You need GCSEs (grade 9-4/A-C) or equivalent in English and Maths for this apprenticeship, regardless of any higher qualifications attained in other subjects/fields.
What happens if I don’t have these qualifications?
If you do not hold these qualifications, you will need to obtain these prior to an apprenticeship job offer being made. Many local colleges and training providers are able to offer training and these qualifications and funding is often available through government initiatives. We would recommend registering with a local provider.
I have previous qualifications – can I still complete the apprenticeship?

• A key part of the apprenticeship programme is that you must acquire substantive new skills and that the content of the training is materially different from any prior qualification or a previous apprenticeship. For example if you have undertaken a Call Handling qualification or have previously worked in a Police Contact Centre, you would not be able to undertake a Devon and Cornwall Apprenticeship. If in doubt please email the resourcing team [email protected]

• We still welcome non-apprenticeship applications from previous or current Police Staff in other forces and partner agencies.

What happens if I cannot find my original English and Maths GCSE certificates?
You cannot get a replacement certificate for GCSE but your exam board will send you a certified statement of results instead to find out which exam board click here (under education and learning).
What is the name of the qualification I would receive?
It is called Emergency Service Contact Handling Level 3 (equivalent to an A level).
Who cannot complete the apprenticeship?
Anyone who has already achieved a qualification in call handling either at the same level or higher would be unable to undertake this apprenticeship.
How old do I have to be to apply?
Minimum age is 18 years old due to nature of role but there is no maximum age limit.
How long is the apprenticeship?
The apprenticeship is approximately 12 months at which point you would be ready to undertake the end point assessment (EPA) a further 3 months is allowed for this stage. Therefore in total the apprenticeship is likely to take approximately 15 months to complete.
If I fail my end point assessment (EPA) will I lose my job/what does this mean?
The force would only put you forward for the EPA when confident in your ability to undertake the role. Should you fail your EPA you will be afforded a further attempt. This would be managed on a case by case basis. Throughout the probation period, you will be expected to undertake the necessary mandatory induction processes, and, where appropriate, training. Failure to complete this may prevent the successful completion of your probationary period.
Will being an apprentice affect my pay?
• The commencing salary during your apprenticeship (15 months) will be at 95% of the annual salary £24,093 per annum (which is a Grade 4 starting salary of £20,078 plus a 20% shift allowance of £4,015 per annum) rising by yearly increments to a maximum of £26,682 (which is a Grade 4 salary of £22,235, plus a 20% shift allowance of £4,447 per annum) (pro rata for part time working).
• Once you have successfully completed the apprenticeship you will receive 100% of the annual salary (which is a Grade 4 starting salary of £21,135 plus a 20% shift allowance of £4,227 per annum) rising by yearly increments to a maximum of £28,087 (which is a Grade 4 salary of £23,406, plus a 20% shift allowance of £4,681 per annum) (pro rata for part time working).
• This post also attracts a weekend working allowance (which is claimable) which accumulates to approximately an additional £2000 per year (pro rata for part time working).
What are the benefits of following the apprenticeship route?
Structured training programme which give you a chance to work (literally) towards a Level 3 qualification (equivalent to an A level). This will help you gain occupational knowledge, skills and behaviours to help you succeed in your chosen area of work.
Will I be treated differently from non-apprentice employees?
No, your training programme and ongoing support will be the same a non-apprentice employees. As an apprentice you will receive additional support and training inputs from an external training provider in order to assist you in successfully completing the apprenticeship standard.
Will there be homework/assignments/exams?
You will gather evidence of your work during your training and probation period. As an apprentice you will need to complete an end point assessment within the workplace. You will be given time during your normal work shifts to gather your evidence and prepare for your End Point Assessment.
Where will my initial training be held?
The initial 8 week training course is held at Middlemoor, Exeter. Transport can be arranged through the use of force pool cars.
How do I apply or obtain more information?
Please visit out Force Website for further information or email our recruitment team: [email protected]