More Information

Working with Devon & Cornwall Police or Dorset Police, our Police Support Volunteers can gain new skills, meet new people and obtain an insight into the role of the police whilst making a positive contribution to their local community. Some of our volunteering initiatives also involve working with partner agencies and organisations to make communities safer and more resilient.

Some of the roles we currently have across the force area are:

  • Volunteer Drivers
  • Victim Care Volunteers
  • Administration Support
  • CCTV Volunteers
  • Vehicle Check Volunteers

If you opt to join us as a Police Support Volunteer, you will undergo basic police vetting and will also be asked to sign forms agreeing to the principles of The Data Protection Act and the Official Secrets Act

Who can join the Police Support Volunteers?

The Police Support Volunteers is open to:

  • Any member of the public over the age of 16 years (for certain roles the minimum age maybe 17 or 18)
  • Any member of the public who passes the strict vetting clearance

Who can't join the Police Support Volunteers?

Unfortunately, some roles or professions will prevent you from becoming a police volunteer for Devon and Cornwall Police, as there could be a conflict of interest.

  • Police and Crime Commissioneer employees
  • Magistrates/Clerks to the Justices/Clerks to the Courts
  • Probation Officers/Bailiffs/Warrant Officers
  • Liquor licence holders/Licensed premises managers (and their spouses)
  • Licencees of betting/gaming establishments
  • Private detectives/enquiry agents
  • Security officers/guards/door staff
  • Custody officers/custody escort officers
  • Serving members of HM Forces