Our Values

Our behaviour and code of ethics underpin everything we do and the service we provide.

Our mission is at the
heart of what we do

  • We detect and prevent harm; protect the vulnerable and reduce crime
  • We work together as one team to safeguard communities and neighbourhoods
  • We are sustainable and resilient and provide a high quality service to the public
  • We act in accordance with the national Code of Ethics and our Force standards of behaviour

Code Of Ethics College Of Policing


As a police service, we must show impartiality throughout all our dealings with colleagues, partners and members of the public. This is achieved by being unprejudiced, fair and objective.

We consider different sides of a situation and ensure that each side is given equal consideration. We do not favour one person or group over another, acknowledging that discrimination increases feelings of unfairness and makes our jobs harder to do. We must not allow personal feelings, beliefs or opinions to unfairly influence our actions in any situation.

We assess each situation based on its own merits ensuring we are fair and consistent in our actions. We are clear in our rationale for the decisions or actions we take ensuring they are clear and evidence-based.


We understand and reinforce expectations of professional behaviour and openly recognise good and bad performance. We maintain the highest levels of professionalism, making sure that we always uphold the values and ethical standards of the police service.

We need to build and maintain confidence with the public, colleagues and partners if we are to deliver a modern and effective police service. Doing the right thing is about becoming a role model and upholding public trust.

Public Service

As individuals and as part of a wider organisation, we have a responsibility to ensure that we act in the best interests of society as a whole. Improving the safety and wellbeing of the public underpins all that we do.

Best Possible Outcomes

We constantly think about how to create the best possible outcomes for those we serve and we take personal responsibility for delivering these. We show resilience and determination to overcome barriers and to provide the best outcome.

We are dedicated to work in the public interest, engaging and listening to their needs and concerns. We work to make sure that the public feel valued and engaged, which helps to build confidence in the police service. We are respectful to the needs and concerns of different individuals and groups.


We are transparent in our actions, decisions and communications with both the people we work with and those we serve. This ensures that we are honest and open in our interactions and decision making. We are genuine with those we communicate with and endeavour to create trusting relationships. We accept feedback and are comfortable in responding to criticism and finding ways to improve.

We build trust with our colleagues, partners and communities by being open about what we have done and why we have done it and by keeping our promises so communities can rely on us when needed.

We have adopted the College of Policing Competency and Values Framework for Policing.

Code Of Ethics Competency & Values Framework