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Being an apprentice gives you the chance to obtain a recognised qualification and develop professional skills while earning a salary.

What could you do?

We believe an apprenticeship should be the start of a career path that could take you all the way up to management. You’ll be a valued part of the team, learning how you can contribute to the success of Devon & Cornwall Police.

As long as you are 16, not in full time education and live in England you are eligible to apply for an apprenticeship.

  • 97% of apprentices say their apprenticeship has improved their ability to do their job
  • 92% of in-work apprentices said their apprenticeship has had a positive impact on their job and career

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We’ve had three apprentices in Alliance Finance so far. It’s been a real pleasure to help them develop their careers and they’ve brought a fresh perspective to the organisation.

Peter Chatfield, Management Accountant

I know where I want my career to go and working for Devon and Cornwall Police as a Modern Apprentice is giving me a chance to earn the qualifications I need.

Summer Clift, Modern Apprentice

A workforce that reflects our communities

Our ability to build trust, understand problems and support our communities across a range of policing matters, relies on us having a workforce that is reflective of our communities and all the unique individuals that exist within them. We are committed to promoting equality and diversity within our workforce and to eliminating discrimination.

We are very keen to encourage applications from those that have never considered policing as a career. Representation within our workforce from black and minority ethnic communities and females is currently much lower than we want it to be; by improving this we will be better able to serve our local communities and our work place will benefit from all the differences in thinking, points of view, and approaches that diversity brings.

In order to achieve this we are proud to pursue a policy of ‘positive action’.

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Positive Action

Meet one of our apprentices


Jeannette, Learning & Development Manager

I am responsible for overseeing the delivery of the three new entry routes into policing all of which will result in a policing degree. This is part of a wider policing professionalisation agenda and sparked a personal interest as I hadn’t the opportunity to achieve a degree during my earlier education.

I was fortunate to be made aware of the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA) and attended a taster day at South Devon College.

This was an ideal opportunity to ask questions and deal with concerns, mine in particular being could I achieve a degree part-time alongside my day job.

Having just submitted my first assignment I feel very motivated and I am learning something new – it’s certainly challenging but hugely rewarding.

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