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It won't cost anything. The apprenticeship is funded by the Government and will cover all the costs of your training.
All apprentices will be paid and for all successful students there is a job waiting for you at the end of your apprenticeship.
You will receive the same holiday entitlement as most paid employment – on average 22 days paid holiday per year, plus Bank Holidays.
Recruitment Process
The selection process is the same as applying for a job. You will be asked to attend several interviews and in some cases you will need to sit tests, but these are just to make sure you're right for the position.
Each role will have its own eligibility
Length of apprenticeships
Each apprenticeship is different and there is no set time to complete the apprenticeship. In general they can take between one to six years to complete.
Apprenticeship qualifications
Apprenticeships for our vacancies are aligned to the apprenticeship standards.