Previous applications
If you have previously unsuccessfully applied to transfer to Dorset Police you will be required to wait six months from the date that you were removed from the process.
Can part-time officers transfer?
Yes. We recognise that our officers and staff have lives, families and all of the commitments that come with it. Working different hours such as part time is something we are proud to support, balanced with our operational needs.
I am on a career break with my current force, can I still apply to transfer?
We have no objection with someone applying to transfer whilst on a career break depending on the length of absence prior to an application. It should be noted that it may be difficult to demonstrate 'recent' roles/skills which we ask for. Each application will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Individuals may also find that the option to return after a career break is with the original Force and not directly transferable but this is something candidates will need to discuss with their own force.
I am currently off sick from my force. Can I apply to transfer?
No. We are pleased that you are considering applying for a transfer to us, but in order to apply you must be fully signed back to work.
What will I be asked to submit with my application form?
You will need to submit the following documents with your applications for pack

  • photos of your tattoos (if applicable)
  • confirmation of probation completion if you have three years or less service.
I have only just completed my probation, and cannot submit PDRs. What shall I do?
Please provide a written explanation with your application and include any correspondence, signing you off your probation.
How long will my application take?
A process can take between three and six months from application launch to start date, dependent on an applicant’s individual circumstances.
When will my force find out that I have decided to transfer?
We will contact your Personnel Department and Professional Standards Unit if you have been successful at interview.
What kind of training / induction can I expect?
All transferees are required to attend an induction course which is around 2-3 weeks and undertake any relevant training courses before they take up their posting.
Will my existing qualifications be honoured?
Any national qualifications, e.g. Ospre, will be recognised once you have supplied evidence of your result. Other qualifications will be looked at and countersigned if the skill / qualification is equal to our standards. In some cases, the skill may need to be reassessed, for example driving.
Where will I be posted / Will I be able to choose a station to work at?
Posting decisions are made in accordance with Force requirements to the area of greatest organisational need.

We will however take into consideration where you live and your posting preference. Any acceptance of a formal offer is on the basis that any requests to transfer station/divisions upon appointment will not be considered for a period of two years. (Unless there are exceptional pressing welfare reasons that arise subsequent to your transfer).

It must be stressed that any offer of appointment is subject to your acceptance and undertaking to travel for duty anywhere within the Force area.
What shift pattern do you operate?
Dorset Police operate a number of different shift patterns designed to meet force and divisional operational requirements.

If you are successful through the recruitment process, you will in your ‘offer of appointment’ letter, be allocated a posting. Details of your exact station and shift pattern will normally be given to you during your first week of service.
How much annual leave am I entitled to?
Any current or previous service is recognised for annual leave purposes and you will receive a pro-rata entitlement upon transfer. You will be required to take all your current entitlement in your current force as it will not be possible to transfer outstanding leave.

Additionally, time owed in lieu cannot be transferred over. Every effort will be made to honour any pre-booked holiday/time off arrangements although this ultimately will be at the discretion of your supervisor.
What will my salary be and when will I be paid?
Your pay will be in accordance with the national rates for your rank and service. You will transfer on the same pay point and increment date you currently receive providing there has been no break in service. The only exception to this is MOD Police and Police Scotland who operate alternative pay scales. In this instance the current salary would be realigned to the national rates. Salaries are paid directly into your bank or building society account on the last working day of every calendar month.
What happens to my pension?
Under most circumstances, your pensionable service is directly transferable from one Force to another. Therefore your pension transfers across with you. So long as you do not have a gap in your service your transfer will remain as continuous service.

If you are applying as a transferee to Dorset Police, you should not resign from your current Force until you have completed all aspects of the selection process and received written confirmation of a start date and posting. Your resignation should be effective from midnight preceding your date for joining Dorset Police. This will ensure that there is no break in service, and that your rights are continued.
Are removal expenses payable?
No. Dorset Police do not pay any removal expenses.
What are the definitions of the driving standards?
Basic car course - 1 day.

Basic driving is the first level of police driving. The candidate should possess the skills required to drive vehicles used by the police safely and competently. Standard/unmarked car course.

Three week course introducing the police system of driving and training officers how to handle driving in response situations. The 4th week of the course is by invitation only. Officers demonstrating sufficient skill in the initial 3 week phase will be asked to complete the 4th week. Advanced car course.

Four week course designed to refresh and enhance the skills learned during the standard sar course, to the police advanced level of driving.
What are the promotional opportunities?
We are continuing to promote, but an officer transferring to us would probably need to have served one year (tenure of the post offered) before being supported for promotion.
Will I need to complete a Fitness Test?
At pre employment stage we will contact your current force to establish when you last took the police Job Related Fitness Test (JRFT). This should be up to date within the last 12 months.