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Detention Officers

Detention Officers

What does a Detention Officer do?

In this role you will be required to assist in the reception of detainees into custody, carry out a wide range of unsupervised duties to guarantee the safety, security and hygiene of the custody environment. Furthermore, you will be responsible for monitoring and maintaining the welfare of the detainees and provide support to the Custody Officer.

This is a varied role where it is vital you can demonstrate excellent communication and interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to remain resilient in the face of challenging situations.

A workforce that reflects our communities

Our ability to build trust, understand problems and support our communities across a range of policing matters, relies on us having a workforce that is reflective of our communities and all the unique individuals that exist within them. We are committed to promoting equality and diversity within our workforce and to eliminating discrimination.

We are very keen to encourage applications from those that have never considered policing as a career. Representation within our workforce from black and minority ethnic communities and females is currently much lower than we want it to be; by improving this we will be better able to serve our local communities and our work place will benefit from all the differences in thinking, points of view, and approaches that diversity brings.

In order to achieve this we are proud to pursue a policy of ‘positive action’.

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Positive Action
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