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What are Volunteer Police Cadets?

The Volunteer Police Cadet Scheme is designed to build bridges between young people, the community and the police. The VPC scheme is about taking a mixture of young people aged 13-18 and helping them make a difference for themselves and their community

Cadets learn about the law, police procedures and specialist police units, and they develop some of the skills that police officers need such as communication, interpersonal skills and team working. They are also taught about community issues and local policing priorities.

Dorset Police have two Cadet units which are based in Bournemouth and we are very proud of the young people who are committed to serving their community through volunteering their time and who act as fantastic ambassadors for Dorset Police.

Becoming a Police Cadet

As a Volunteer Police Cadet you’ll be issued with a uniform and attend weekly sessions lasting two and a half hours in the evenings. You’ll learn about a wide range of policing and community-related topics.

As well as these weekly sessions, you’ll also assist police officers, Police Community Support Officers and other police staff at a variety of community events, promoting crime prevention initiatives and be ambassadors for Dorset Police at official events such as Remembrance Sunday.

You will progress through a Record of Achievement, developing from the induction (recruit) phase through different levels up to Senior Cadet and Cadet Leader once you have reached 18. As you become more senior within the unit, you will be supported to take on additional responsibilities such as mentoring new recruits, running drill and team-building sessions and developing ideas for Cadet deployments within the community.

We aim to build our Police Cadet groups to reflect the rich diversity and complexity of our communities by attracting the best talent from the widest pool of people.

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To find out more about becoming a Police Cadet and to see if this is the volunteering opportunity for you, please visit the National Volunteer Police Cadet website.
National VPC website