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We are recruiting now for Police Officers!

We are recruiting now for Police Officers via both our Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship (PCDA) and Degree Holder Entry Programme (DHEP).

Do you want a career where you can make a real difference to our communities, whilst earning a salary £10k above national average within 7 years? Find out more and apply below!

If you'd like to find out more about the role before you get started, sign up to one of our awareness events by following the link below. 

Careers with us are as varied as you are.

From your first day in our organisation, making a difference is what you will do.

As a member of our force you will help people every day, where no two days are the same! With constant professional development opportunities available you will grow throughout your career. After successfully completing your studies and probationary period, you can look to specialise, move roles or study for promotion. There are over 200 uniformed roles available!

Police Constable

Joining without a degree

Your Uniformed Police career will start with a two or three year probation, where you will learn all the tools you need, from protecting yourself all the way through to every aspect of law you will need.

Police Constable

Joining with a degree

Officer Standing at night on a beach walk way in front of beach huts at night

Your Uniformed Police career will start with a two or three year probation, where you will learn all the tools you need, from protecting yourself all the way through to every aspect of law you will need.

It doesn’t matter what subject your degree is in. The important thing is that by earning one you’ve already demonstrated the ability to research, evaluate and present evidence.

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Positive Action

Police Constable

Pre join degree

Two Officers standing infront of their police car's opened boot at night with the car blue lights on

This route sees a potential recruit to the police service paying for their own degree – students will need to choose the university they wish to attend which is offering this qualification. This course will be underpinned by the single National Police Curriculum. Any other courses, such as degrees in criminology, law and police science, will not be recognised under this entry route and applicants studying for such degrees will enter under the DHEP programme.

On completion of their degree in Professional Policing, potential recruits will apply to join in the same way as applicants from the other two entry routes.

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Work based learning

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After your probation...

Neighbourhood Policing Teams

Being a visible presence in your community is key for Police Officers. Working in small teams in your station you will put your problem solving, communications skills and partnership working to great use preventing and detecting crime.

Two Beat Officers stood infront of their police van

Roads Policing

Making the roads safer, saving lives and reducing injury while working with lots of other teams is day to day business for our roads policing teams.

Traffic Officer riding a police motor bike

Armed Response Officer

Providing a dedicated armed response capability to our communities is a delicate job. Joining a highly trained and motivated team ready to protect other officers and members of the public is just some of the things you could do.

The back of an armed police officer

Dog Handler

From detecting crime, chasing suspects, finding stolen articles, money and drugs is something that you could enjoy with your 'live in partner' who goes everywhere with you and always has your back!

A dog handlers with their police dog

Force Support Group

If maintaining public order and being in the thick of the action is what you are all about, our Force Support Group could be something you would like. You will be called up in times of public disturbances and lots of interesting and challenging situations.


If promotion is for you and you can see yourself as a leader, there are lots of opportunities for you to explore.