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Dorset Police

Welcome to our force

Thank you for your interest in joining Dorset Police.

Our Force covers a hugely diverse geographic area, from the dramatic cliffs of the Jurassic Coast to rolling hills inland. Although Dorset is predominantly rural, we also police Bournemouth & Poole, an urban area larger than most British cities, and many towns and villages.

Covid-19 implications

We continue to welcome expressions of interest from those wishing to join Dorset Police, however due to COVID-19 all selection processes will be on hold until September 2020.

Temporary Transferee Bonus Payments

In recognition of the current skills gap and the necessary competencies that are required, a decision has been made by the Executive to make a temporary bonus payment to PIP2 Detective Constables and AFOs & ARV Constables transferring into Dorset Police Force.

The bonus payment for 2019/20 will be a one-off payment of £500 in accordance to the following criteria:

  • Detective Constables who transfer by 30 September 2020, meet the criteria of working in a PIP2 role and having a current 'active' PIP2 accreditation.
  • Police Constables who transfer into AFO/ARV roles with a firearms qualification and take up their post by 30 September 2020

A workforce that reflects our communities

Our ability to build trust, understand problems and support our communities across a range of policing matters, relies on us having a workforce that is reflective of our communities and all the unique individuals that exist within them. We are committed to promoting equality and diversity within our workforce and to eliminating discrimination.

We are very keen to encourage applications from those that have never considered policing as a career. Representation within our workforce from black and minority ethnic communities and females is currently much lower than we want it to be; by improving this we will be better able to serve our local communities and our work place will benefit from all the differences in thinking, points of view, and approaches that diversity brings.

In order to achieve this we are proud to pursue a policy of ‘positive action’.

For further information and to register for this scheme please click the button below.

Positive Action

Detective Constable

We’re looking for experienced detectives to join our team and, together, help keep communities safe and feeling safe, identify and protect vulnerable people and prevent and respond to harm. Being a detective in Dorset is diverse and fulfilling. From investigating serious and complex crime, dealing with high profile cases and going above and beyond to help those in need, you’ll be an expert in investigating crimes; working as a team to make a real difference.

National Firearms Instructor Constable

We are seeking experienced NFI Constables of all backgrounds to come and join our Police Family.


Response Constable

We are seeking experienced Police Constables of all backgrounds to come and join our Police Family. Our current vacancies are focused in the Bournemouth and Poole areas of Dorset and offer a unique challenge of policing an urban area larger than most British cities. Why not take the next step in your policing career and join us as a transferee Police Constable.


Meet one of our transferees


Claire Brown, Detective Constable

I am currently a DC working on the Sexual Offences and Domestic Abuse Investigation Team and I have been an Acting Sergeant for 4 months.

At the start of 2017 my boyfriend applied for a new job which involved an exam. If he passed the exam, he would be given a job where he could be placed anywhere in the country. He was told in March that he had been successful and was placed in Devon and Cornwall with a start date in August 2017.

I was working in Kent Police at the time as a Detective Constable having had some experience in the Serious Crime Department, was working in CID. I also was vice chair to Kent Police Disability Support Group, which I did in my own time. I was thoroughly enjoying working with my team and had some significant court results.

My boyfriend asked me to move to Devon and Cornwall with him. In May 2017 Devon and Cornwall Police opened recruitment for Detective transferees, I applied and started in September 2017.

Since I’ve transferred I’ve been fortunate enough to be in charge of and involved with some high profile and significant investigations resulting in substantial custodial sentences. I was worried that as I had spent nearly a decade in Kent Police building a reputation and a wealth of experience that I would have to start from the beginning again but that wasn’t the case. It didn’t take long before I was given the opportunity to prove myself.

The best thing about transferring to Devon and Cornwall Police would be the lifestyle change. I have always been quite an outdoors type person but in Kent it wasn’t as accessible and I always found a reason not to. Since living here we visit the beach quite a lot, go on walks, go climbing, spend time in Exeter and I’m hoping to learn to surf when the sea gets a bit warmer. The fish restaurants are very good and the surrounding countryside views are amazing. I thought it would be hard being 4 hours away from friends and family but I regularly go back and everyone wants to visit where we live.

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